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Chalyn: Standing tall and taking back my life

Chalyn is a former police officer who was preparing to pursue her law degree when she became ill. After two years of tests and treatment, she lost her left leg in January. Always active, a black belt candidate in Tae Kwan Do medaling at state and national competitions, she enjoys running and mountain hiking with her brothers in New Mexico. She has a servant heart and is committed to serving others through Family Law.

Chalyn was fitted for her limb in the midst of the pandemic. After some delay, she is

now in physical therapy and says,

"It’s so amazing to be back up on two feet! I’m able to go walking with my dogs again for

the first time in almost two years. I loved Tae Kwon Do and was getting ready to test for

my black belt before my amputation, and I was afraid that I would never be able to do it

again. But after seeing all my progress so far, my physical therapist said that returning to

my favorite sport and finally getting my black belt is totally within reach! I am so happy

to be standing tall and finally taking my life back!”

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