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Limbs for Life is a nonprofit organization that empowers American amputees — particularly those without insurance coverage — with affordable prosthetic care to enhance their autonomy and quality of life. Through international partnerships, we also provide used prosthetics to amputees on five continents. We work to raise awareness about the everyday challenges amputees face, and ultimately, to create a more accessible world for all.


Our Mission:

Limbs for Life Foundation is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to providing fully-functional prosthetic care for individuals who cannot otherwise afford it and raising awareness of the challenges facing amputees.

The Need:

  • In the U.S., 507 people lose a limb each day; 2.1 million Americans live with limb loss
  • When a person loses a limb, they are faced with staggering emotional and financial lifestyle changes
  • Prosthetic devices can restore basic skills and independence but are not available to all amputees
  • Some state Medicaid programs, including Texas, Oklahoma and Mississippi, DO NOT provide prosthetic limbs for adults

Our Response:

We provide a financial bridge between amputees and the quality prosthetic care they need to restore their lives.

How We Help: 

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Board of Directors


Kristen Jones Colby
Wylie, TX

Andy Hudson
Dallas, TX

Jerry Isbell
Norman, OK

Amy Skuta
Edmond, OK

Daryl Osmus
Edmond, OK

Scott Sabolich
Oklahoma City, OK

John Shelton
Oklahoma City, OK


David Johnson, President
Oklahoma City, OK

Matthew Brown, Vice Pres, Secretary
Carrollton, TX

Erik Salazar, Treasurer
Edmond, OK


Amy Gallegos
Stillwater, OK

Denielle Taylor
Plano, TX


Doug Brooks
Dallas, TX

Holly Brooks
Dallas, TX

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Limbs for Life Staff

Randy Titony

Randy Titony

Executive Director

Shelley Dutton

Shelley Dutton

Development Director

Jennifer Pellat-Finet

Jennifer Pellat-Finet

Client & Clinic Relations Manager

Carol Schwabe

Carol Schwabe

Program Assistant

Deborah Minard

Deborah Minard

Finance Manager


The Limbs for Life Foundation was established in 1995. Prosthetist John A. Sabolich saw a need to assist amputees who did not have insurance coverage for prosthetics. His passion for helping amputees was deep-rooted in his family’s history, as his father Lester opened his first prosthetic clinic in Oklahoma City in 1947. Sabolich grew up watching his father give the gift of movement through prosthetic care. His vision for a global network comprised of clinics and partners to assist amputees in need continues through Limbs for Life Foundation.

Since its inception, Limbs for Life has provided thousands of new prosthetic limbs to amputees across the United States. Many more amputees are helped with the distribution of used prosthetic parts and components shared through international partnerships and missions, empowering amputees on five continents.