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We provide financial assistance for prosthetic care provided by local professional partners to qualified, approved applicants at no cost to the amputee. 

Amputees in need

Primary eligibility requirements:

  • No other source to pay for any portion of a prosthesis
  • At or near poverty level
  • Potential ability to walk without assistance
  • United States citizen or legal resident*

The Vital Role of Prosthetic Clinic Partnerships

Through partnerships with prosthetic clinics across the country, Limbs for Life provided payments of $608,500 to help over 2,788 clients get back on their feet in 2019 alone. Collaborating clinics in 28 states provided prosthetic limbs, fittings, adjustments and additional services to clients approved for services from our foundation. Clinics donate their time and talents to help the amputees.

Limbs for Life Foundation shares components and parts as available and provides a financial bridge between low-income amputees and the clinics providing the quality prosthetic care needed. With appropriate care and assistance, amputees have the opportunity for a productive and independent lifestyle.

Making Valuable Connections for Amputees

We pride ourselves on being a reliable referral source and advocate for amputees. We encourage you to connect with us on social media so you can be in the know about events, our partners, and programs. You’ll find inspirational messages and stories for amputees there.

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