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The Vital Role of Prosthetic Clinic Partnerships

Through partnerships with prosthetic clinics across the country, Limbs for Life provided payments of $608,500 to help over 2,788 clients get back on their feet in 2019 alone. Collaborating clinics in 28 states provided prosthetic limbs, fittings, adjustments and additional services to clients approved for services from our foundation. Clinics donate their time and talents to help the amputees.

Limbs for Life shares components and parts as available and provides a financial bridge between low-income amputees and the clinics providing the quality prosthetic care needed. With appropriate care and assistance, amputees have the opportunity for a productive and independent lifestyle.

How can we serve you and your patients?


Limbs for Life is a resource to assist prosthetic clinics to provide care for uninsured and under-insured amputees. We can provide used component parts, at no cost, to prosthetic clinics and practitioners willing to fabricate a limb for an amputee in need. We also partner with clinicians who travel abroad to do mission work internationally.

Limbs for Life provides direct financial payment to clinics for qualified applicants at a fixed contract amount of $2,500 for a below-knee prosthesis or $3,500 for above-knee prosthesis.

  • CLIENT APPLICATION – Specific terms and agreement for the clinic partnership are included.

Limbs for Life also provides donated components, as available, to lower your clinic’s expenses. Clinicians may request used parts for repair or replacement on existing limbs, even when a new limb is not required. Please limit requests to those who cannot otherwise afford needed parts.

  • COMPONENTRY REQUEST FORM – Request components & accessories for an existing LFL client or a patient without other resources to obtain the needed item.
  • DELIVERY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM – Please complete this new delivery form with the LFL client and return a copy with your billing invoice to Limbs for Life. Be sure to give a copy to the client.
  • COUNTER CARD – Download to display in your clinic to encourage tax deductible donations of used components and parts to Limbs for Life.

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How can we serve you and your patients?


Below is a list of clinics we have worked with. To quickly find a prosthetic clinic in your area, click control+f on your keyboard. If you have trouble navigating the list, please call us 405-843-5174.

If your clinic would like to be listed, please email

See Clinic Partnerships for more information on how we can support our clinicians, prosthetists and technicians.

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