Prosthetic Donations

Used prosthetic limbs are priceless to Limbs for Life! We utilize many component parts for repair and replacement of limbs. 

The Holly & Doug Brooks Family Foundation LEGacy Room at Limbs for Life holds a wealth of parts and components to further serve amputees in need.

U.S. regulations restrict the use of some items, however we share various component parts with our international partners.

Ready to donate a limb or prosthetic part? Please read our guidelines below.


These parts are in high demand

  • Locking Liners
  • Bulldog locks and pins
  • Socks with holes, regular short size
  • Lanyard adapters, kiss brand
  • K3 Knees
  • 3 prong adapters
  • 10″+ pylons
  • feet sizes 21-24
  • Pyramids & foot bolts for SACH feet


  • Used limbs from anywhere in the United States
  • Accessories- UNUSED ONLY liners, socks, sleeves, etc.
  • Pins from liners, misc. hardware and parts, feet, etc.


  • USED textile products (liners, socks, sleeves)
  • New or used orthotics, corrective shoes or braces
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Medical supplies of any kind (including post-amputation bandages, limb protectors)


  • View this HELPFUL VIDEO for further direction.
  • Please pack items for shipping and send ground freight via USPS, UPS or FedEx.
  • Your contribution of shipping charges is greatly appreciated as we do not pay for shipping of donated items.
  • Your contribution may be tax deductible. Limbs for Life will provide documentation of the donation, but cannot assign value. Please discuss your donation with your prosthetic provider or tax adviser.
  • Please include the in-kind donor form with your shipment or write your name, address and email on a piece of paper so we may acknowledge your contribution.

For further information regarding a donation, contact our office toll free at 1-888-235-5462 or

You may ship directly to:
Limbs for Life
9604 N May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

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