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Sam contacted Limbs for Life, desperate for help to receive a prosthetic limb. He suffered a severe fracture to his right leg which did not heal and resulted in loss of his limb. While he worked in field geology, his insurance did not include prosthetic coverage. This is a common occurrence as most policies require an additional rider for this coverage. Several other circumstances placed Sam in an overwhelming situation, in a wheelchair for six months, having to move from his home, and unable to work. He was on leave from his job and time was running out for him to be able to walk and return to work.

Limbs for Life was able to process his application, connect him to a local prosthetic clinic and fund his first limb. In just a few weeks, Sam was able to walk without crutches or a cane and very soon after, he was back at work and spending time enjoying outdoor activities with his two children.

Updated: May 3

Darice is the mother of three active children. She has been an amputee since birth. Her existing limb was worn out, ill-fitting and no longer functional. She applied to Limbs for Life for help and wrote:

“A new prosthetic will allow me to go back to work and school and live as I have been able in the past. I will be able to walk so I can attend my children’s activities and school functions. I will be able to do for myself again and care for my children.”

Darice is thriving on her new limb and enjoying her independence once again. She returned to school and is very involved with her children’s school and activities. She is thankful for the impact Limbs for Life is making on her life. “I am so very grateful! Thank you!”


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