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Limbs for Life featured on “Is this a Great State or what?”-  watch video

What’s being done to support Ukrainian War Amputess?

Limbs for Life joins with partner organizations to address the ongoing needs of amputees in Ukraine. Learn more and find out how you can help.

Read more from Amplitude.

KOCO 5 News Covers Efforts to Provide Prosthetics for Amputees in Ukraine - watch video

Meet a few of our friends who are walking again, thanks to your generosity. Hear from our new director, Randy!  
Will you consider making a year end gift to keep the momentum going?

Limbs for Life on Living Oklahoma - watch video

Global Heroes features Limbs for Life, serving amputees in need - read article

Limbs for Life joins efforts to support Ukrainian War amputees

Prosthetics for Peace, how the US limb-loss community is mobilizing to Ukraine’s amputees - view interactive map

We’re sharing more good news from 2022 along with a note from our director who will retire next month.Read about our efforts to help Ukraine amputees and more. Hope ya’ll will join us for a prosthetic round up!

After a recording breaking year, we’re off and running to help even more amputees. Hear from amputees Jimmy, Ryan, Tiffany and see just how far your donations to Limbs for Life can go (across the world). Have you heard about #CommonThreadEdmond? Read on to find out more! 

Edmond (OK) High Schools “Common Thread” Philanthropy Effort

Limbs for Life was chosen as the Common Thread for three Edmond Public Schools high school fundraising weeks in 2022. Events sponsored by Edmond North H.S., Santa Fe H.S., and Edmond Memorial H.S. Raised over $700,000 benefitting three charities plus Limbs for Life, the Common Thread charity. We were thrilled to receive over $42,000 to fund new limbs for amputees in Oklahoma as a result of this incredible effforts by hundreds of students and the Edmond community. #CommonThread Edmond. 

We're on track to serve more amputees than ever in 2021 thanks to you! Join our Step-by-Step Giving program for an easy way to support amputees like Raquel who loves to dance and Zachary who loves to climb. Amputee potential is limb-itless!

We're sharing more amputee stories and ask YOU to share yours. Momentum is building in 2021 with new partners, an exciting $15,000 match and innovative ways to support amputees in need. 

OSU Medical Student Partners with Limbs for Life

Our thanks to the Oklahoma State University Medical School and Samuel Shepard for their support in this Limb Collection Drive and Awareness Campaign to increase donations of used prosthetic limbs and parts to the Brooks Family LEGacy Room for distribution to others in need.   


View OK State article here. 

View KOCO News feature here.

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